about me 

if you've gotten through the first page and still want to know more about me, one i am beyond flattered and two lets be best friends. 

here are five things you need to know:

1.  i am a complete foodie, but more so i am a breakfast person.  which means i could eat breakfast for all three meals and be completely fine with it.

2. breakfast person does not equal morning person.  if it's dark out or light out or anything before 9am out, it's not for me. please don't invite me to sunrise yoga, i will not show up.

3. i really enjoy being a mother,  i have always wanted to be one and thoroughly enjoy watching them grow. but i have struggles. self identity, purpose, emotionally -- i am right here with you on the struggle boat.  so if you ever look at mine or anyone else's life and see perfect, know that we are far from perfect-- we just don't dwell on negativity.

4.  i've had to learn to not let the terms 'wife' or 'mom' define me.  i've had to teach myself that being 'elizabeth" is also okay, and if any of this resonates with you, just know that you have to love yourself, you have to love your life, in order to fully embrace and spread joy to others.  if mama's happy, everyone is happy. 

5.  i grew up in church but never felt the true presence of God until well into my upper twenties.  we found a church where we feel completely at home in, and i am working on growing in my faith and spirituality every day.


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